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b What is a Virtual Visit ?  
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A Virtual Visit is primarily a chance to learn about particle physics. One (or more) virtual guide introduces himself and his role, and then briefly explains what is CERN, LHC and the ATLAS experiment. This is followed by a description of his location, what’s and why’s. Then, the local organizer passes the microphone to the audience and the virtual guide answers questions. We find the latter to be the most important part of the visit.

The maximum duration of a Virtual Visit is 1 hour.

Participants interact with the virtual guide, who speaks their language and is – as often as possible - a physicist from their country, thanks to a tool called Vidyo. Others can follow the visit on the web, through the event specific pages created on this site.

b Booking your Virtual Visit  
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Setting up a Virtual Visit takes a bit of time, contacts should be made about 4 weeks in advance and by all means not less that 5 working days before the event.

Note that Virtual Visits taking place outside CERN working hours (i.e. starting before 8:30 and finishing after 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday) are supported on best effort basis : we are flexible and usually manage, but booking is only confirmed if an operator is found at least 5 working days before the visit. The ATLAS Visitor Center welcomes many groups : although real and virtual visits can take place in parallel the most quiet (and thus recommended) times are 8:30 to 11:30 am and 2:00 to 5:30 pm.

As soon as your visit is booked, we will introduce you to the operator who will handle the technical part of the visit. He will organize a test of the quality of sound, image and connection. We very strongly recommend you to do the test with the same equipment as the one you will use on the day of the visit.

Please connect at least 10 minutes ahead of the visit time. If, for any reason, our remote guests do not connect in time we will only be able to wait for them 15 minutes - maximum. For longer delays the visit will have to be canceled and rescheduled.

b Technical requirements for participation  
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The following is a check list for remote locations, such as classrooms or science fairs, who would like to participate in an ATLAS Virtual Visit:

  • Have a standard H.323 video conferencing device (Polycom, Tandberg, etc.) -OR-
  • Have a recent PC with a (preferably wired) network of minimum 1.0 Mbps
  • Have an echo-cancelling microphone/speaker that can handle the room to be used
  • Perform at least one test connection to ATLAS at least two days before the event

And, above all : have a lot of curiosity and plenty of questions to ask!

b Feedback  
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Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome. They will help us to improve our visits, but also measure the interest and the impact of this program. A Feedback Form is available.

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